“3 Keys to Live Video Success”

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Everything you know about successful PR and social media campaigns can apply to live video. Diligent planning, establishing clear goals and  analyzing results are crucial to executing a successful live video campaign. JConnelly’s Chief Strategy Officer explains how to get rolling in this article that published on prdaily.com.

In the article, Michelle Pittman gives her three top tips for getting started with video:

  1. Engage your audience by providing content that’s valuable and not overly promotional. You might have to do some testing to figure out the best strategy.
  2. Strive for optimal timing. This means performing some research to determine the right time for your target audience to engage. Since it’s live, you want viewers to interact immediately.
  3. Making your content entertaining should go without saying. Boring doesn’t get views. Wow your audience so they keep watching and want to come back for more.

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