“8 Branding Tips to Close Out 2018”

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JConnelly's Chief Innovation Officer Ray Hennessey shares branding lessons to keep in mind as we head into autumn and are thinking about ending the year on a high note.

PR Daily published one of JConnelly’s blogs by President Ray Hennessey. In the article, he shares important branding lessons that all businesses should keep in mind.

  1. Everything encompasses the brand, from the CEO to the communications executives who are stewards of the brand.
  2. Authenticity is key to customer engagement and retention.
  3. Stand for something. What you believe along with what you do makes up your brand. Make sure your services align with your core values.
  4. Digital marketing should be an essential piece of your overall marketing strategy.
  5. Social media is a necessary communication tool. Use it thoughtfully.
  6. Visuals like videos, infographics and more are great storytellers.
  7. When it comes to media relations, quality is more important than quantity.
  8. Metrics are an essential part of your campaign. If you’re not measuring success, you don’t know where improvements can be made.

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