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Our Approach

People will always have a perception of what your brand represents. It’s up to you how you shape that image and your reputation with intention and artistic vision. JConnelly provides the strategic experience and tactical execution to make that happen.

Build. Grow. Manage. Protect.

Whether you are a public multi-billion-dollar company, a startup or an influencer, JConnelly focuses on delivering advice and integrated communication strategies to help you achieve your business goals.

We don’t fit you into a box built for someone else. Rather, we create the white space and toolkit needed to specifically reach those most important to you and your business outcomes.

Through our immersive approach, we work to understand and become an extension of your team to:

  • Turn market challenges into opportunities
  • Champion your differentiators
  • Establish trust
  • Deliver value at every level of your organization
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Build Your Brand

Building a brand is an immersive experience that establishes a promise. It evokes genuine emotion, creates a lasting impression and leads to an insatiable desire for an experience that only your brand can deliver.

The key to successful brand development starts with thought-provoking dialogue to explore what is unique about your value.

With this strategy as the foundation, we work to create messaging and imagery that tell your story with creativity and consistency through an integrated approach. Our team will guide and support you every step of the way to capture and communicate your brand across every touchpoint of your user experience.

Grow Your Brand

Forget buzzwords for the sake of being trendy. When choosing a communications partner, you are making an investment in yourself and your business that demands substance and results. From increasing awareness to driving conversions and creating raving fans, we anticipate and support communications at every stage of your customer journey.

Through our extensive in-house capabilities and global network of trusted partnerships, there is nothing that is beyond our reach. We will consider the most effective combinations of content—earned, owned, shared or paid—along with digital, traditional and unconventional distribution opportunities to develop the best strategy for you.

We will work to achieve the perfect intersection of both design and function to deliver your desired outcomes with maximum impact.

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Portfolio image showing Beacon Capital project

Manage Your Brand

Your clients are always someone else’s prospects. Building and maintaining trust with your existing relationships takes work. Standing still is not an option.

Your brand is a living and evolving concept. Your organization is continuously experiencing internal changes and innovations from product and service line expansions to team and culture shifts. Your stakeholders’ needs and expectations are ever-changing. Your community, your industry and the world are in a constant state of flux and development.

We help you recognize opportunities and anticipate challenges. We act as an extension of your team to support and communicate your vision. We provide keen perception, strategic guidance and ongoing support to navigate the many nuances and considerations of communicating effectively with each audience.

Protect Your Brand

Safeguarding your brand is our top priority. When faced with a crisis or a special situation, we are the ones you call to protect your reputation as if it were our own.

We stop at nothing to take care of you. We proactively manage situations before they escalate, quickly assess and mitigate damage, and work cohesively with all parties to repair and rebuild your brand with precision, discretion and care.

Together with a team of media relations professionals, digital strategists and other experts, we regularly work with public and private organizations, senior executives and high-profile influencers to solve complex situations and provide strategic guidance during critical moments.

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At JConnelly, relationships are at the core of everything we do. If your purpose is your passion and you demand meaningful relationships — you are in the right place.

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