JConnelly Launches Integrated Crisis Management Solutions

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NEW YORK – April 14, 2016 – Beau Dietl & Associates (BDA), a preeminent security and investigation firm, has partnered with JConnelly, a communications and marketing agency, to launch PI|PR—a unique crisis management program designed to protect companies and individuals facing threats to their businesses, reputations, and bottom lines.

PI|PR helps individuals and companies understand and manage reputational challenges ranging from highprofile “bet the business” transactions and litigation to personnel matters and other sensitive issues. As a full-spectrum solution, PI|PR integrates professional investigations with crisis communications services in order to reduce risks and ensure that businesses are well positioned in the media and online. Beyond investigation and crisis support, PI|PR works closely with top law firms to plan, prepare, and execute a crisis communications strategy for its clients.

“In today’s business world, intelligence isn’t enough; you have to be problem solvers,” said Richard “Bo” Dietl, founder and CEO of Beau Dietl & Associates and a decorated former NYPD detective. “This partnership allows us to provide total support—from addressing the first indications that something is amiss to managing public perception over the long term. Our combined specialties and proactive approach mitigate the risk of a crisis while saving our clients both time and money.”

BDA’s team of former law enforcement officers, field investigators, white collar/corporate research analysts, forensic accountants, and corporate attorneys has successfully managed programs spanning corporate and special investigations, Internet security, computer forensics, litigation support, and personal protection. JConnelly takes a proactive, business-critical approach to crisis communications by offering corporate executives and other high-profile individuals a wide array of services, including social media management and reputational repair, which anticipate, manage, and resolve a variety of business issues and challenges.

Together, the two companies have decades of experience advising high-profile public figures and leading national and global players in financial services, pharmaceuticals, technology, law, travel, luxury products, manufacturing, and consumer goods among other industries.

“A single rumor or negative news story can tarnish a company’s reputation for years to come,” said Jennifer Connelly, founder and CEO of JConnelly. “Proactively identifying and addressing sensitive situations is how smart businesses win in an increasingly complex and competitive business environment.”

“From product recalls to government investigations to succession issues, crisis situations can quickly spiral out of control and send a company’s stock price into a tailspin,” said Tom Vogel, Senior Vice President at JConnelly and head of the agency’s crisis communications practice. “Companies that take charge early are more likely to rebound or even emerge stronger. PI|PR is uniquely positioned to help companies do just that.”

For more information about PI|PR, please contact Megan Snyder at 973-850-7340 or msnyder@jconnelly.com.

About PI|PR
PI|PR is the proactive solution for companies and individuals facing threats to their business, reputations and bottom lines. The PI—world-renowned security and investigation firm Beau Dietl & Associates—has teamed up with the PR—leading communications and marketing agency JConnelly—to offer a seamless and holistic approach to investigating and responding to reputational threats aimed at businesses and companies.

About Beau Dietl & Associates
Beau Dietl & Associates is a premier private investigation and security company based in New York City, with offices in New Jersey, Florida, Beijing, China, and a specialized affiliate in California. BDA also holds private investigation and security licenses in several states across the country. Over its 31 years of experience in private investigations and security, BDA has established affiliates in every major city across the United States and assembled partners around the world in almost every country. Prompt turnaround, quality investigations, and regular communication with clients make Beau Dietl & Associates the benchmark for excellence in security and investigations. For more information, visit www.investigations.com.

About JConnelly
JConnelly—formerly JCPR—is a communications and marketing agency working with brands to help them expand awareness, connect and engage with clients and stakeholders, influence change, amplify online presence, and build community. JConnelly navigates the complex world of communications to effectively design and execute campaigns that are mission driven and deliver business-critical results. For more information, visit www.jconnelly.com.