“Behind the Headlines with Ray Hennessey”

Ray Hennessey Speaks at MC

In his interview with Cision, CEO Ray Hennessey discusses what makes good storytelling, why audiences are ignoring brand content, and how to provide authenticity in your communication with your audience.

Content includes:

  • How brands can stand out with so much content saturating the market.
    • Release quality content with a narrative.
  • The biggest content marketing mistakes that brands make are talking at their audience instead of engaging with them.
  • How brands can adapt to new digital trends.
    • Mobile, social-first community-building is not the future, it’s already happening.
  • The future of digital communication is human interaction. There should always be a human at the other side ready to continue the conversation.
  • Advice for brands looking to improve their communication strategies: Be real, authentic and honest. Audiences want a relationship built on trust, not deceit.

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