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Businesses are tested every day.

From cybersecurity threats to viral rumors, changing regulations to legal actions, doing business in today’s complex, interconnected environment means navigating a veritable minefield. One wrong move can cause irreparable harm to a company’s reputation and bottom line. But businesses and individuals don’t have to go it alone.

Experience is the best defense.

At JConnelly, we recognize that crises demand an all-hands-on-deck approach. From messaging and media training, to collaboration with internal and external teams, we are holistic in managing reputational challenges. Ultimately, our goal is to move beyond the immediate threat and ensure that brands emerge on stronger footing, poised for even greater growth.

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Every second counts.

Our crisis management practice is headed by the firm’s most-senior practitioners who bring decades of experience working with top executives and well-known personalities to resolve highly sensitive issues that span government, finance, law, employment and personal matters.

While speed is a top priority, so too is accuracy. We balance the need for rapid response in a fast-paced, digital world with a commitment to getting it right. We work with businesses and individual before the onset of a crisis to assess potential threats and create a plan of action for every plausible scenario. We also mobilize our teams for emerging crisis scenarios and manage ongoing reputational threats.

Regardless of timeline or scenario, we are deliberate and thoughtful in our approach.

A tailored plan is essential.

No two crises are the same. Each situation requires an understanding of both the industry landscape and stakeholder concerns. Our deep roots in business and financial services provides us with an in-depth knowledge that is paramount in uncertain times. Equally important, we understand how to reach and influence diverse audiences—from shareholders to employees, business partners to clients. Ultimately, we deliver results tailored to each client’s unique circumstances, which can range from correcting the record to preventing negative coverage in the first place.

Our experience

Throughout their careers, JConnelly’s skilled practitioners have managed a wide range of crisis management issues, including:

  • Regulatory actions
  • Government investigations
  • Litigation
  • Partner and employee disputes
  • Financial issues
  • Online rumors
  • Cyber security leaks and data breaches
  • Activist campaigns
  • Investigative journalism
  • Personal issues and circumstances.


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