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Your brand is tested every day. From data breaches to viral rumors, changing regulations to legal actions, the threats can seem neverending and insurmountable.

Experience is the best defense.

In a crisis, there’s no room for error.

When your brand is threatened, you need an expert, coordinated and constant effort to defend it. You need someone to be your armor and committed champion, willing to do what it takes to ensure your protection.

That’s why our crisis management practice is helmed by our most senior, tested and trusted professionals.

You get our strategic counsel honed over decades of managing crisis situations including:

▪ Press investigations
▪ Activist campaigns
▪ Online rumors
▪ Cyber security and data breaches
▪ Litigation
▪ Partner and employee disputes
▪ Financial issues
▪ Regulatory actions
▪ Government investigations
▪ Personal issues and circumstances

Every second counts.

You need a strategy and flawless execution. And you need a team that will aggressively pursue your desired outcomes.

Call us any time, day or night, to put our experience to work for you.

SEE|Through is our unique methodology for identifying, managing and recovering from crises and other issues. We:

▪ SEEK crisis indicators, proactively identifying threats—from bad actors to data breaches.

▪ ENACT a coordinated response, mapped to a plan of action and accountability, prepared and overseen by our crisis experts.

▪ EMERGE stronger than ever through reputational repair and ongoing brand building.

From media management to online monitoring, we put the full force and firepower of our agency behind our crisis clients to achieve what others say is impossible.

Privacy is paramount.

We don’t disclose our crisis clients. But we can share the situations we’ve navigated and the strategies that led to successful outcomes.


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