Financial Division at JConnelly, Inc.

Some run from complexity, compliance and changing regulations.
We say “Bring it on.”

The financial industry has been at an inflection point for as long as we’ve been in business. Back then we shepherded the launch of hedged and leveraged products to retail investors; today we’re talking blockchain-based currencies and digitization of previously high-touch services.

We’re ready for what’s next.

The constant change and emergence of new challenges and opportunities is exactly why we love this space. Our financial clients keep us on our toes.

From our very first client to today, we’ve worked with leading and emerging financial organizations including:

▪ Asset managers
▪ Alternative investment funds and platforms
▪ Commercial and investment banks
▪ Retail banks
▪ Consumer finance apps and technologies
▪ Mortgage lending
▪ Financial markets and exchanges
▪ ETFs
▪ Mutual funds
▪ Hedge funds
▪ Private equity
▪ Wealth managers, particularly RIAs
▪ Financial industry advocacy groups and associations

We measure impact by the millions and billions.

From startups to legacy brands, financial companies must differentiate their offering, establish trust and deliver increasing value—no small feat in an industry operating at a global scale.

While we can’t control the markets or the pace of innovation, we can give financial companies a fresh perspective on their positioning and help them reach diverse and fragmented audiences.

We help financial companies understand emerging reputational threats and keep pushing their brands to the next level of status and recognition.

We find the opportunity in special situations.

We have decades of experience promoting and protecting financial brands through high-profile and complex situations including:

▪ IPOs
▪ Mergers & acquisitions
▪ Shareholder activism
▪ Executive transitions
▪ Earnings and valuation communications

Financial Division at JConnelly, Inc.