“FinServ Slow to Adopt Marketing Methods Common to Other Consumer Retailers”

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Jennifer A. Connelly moderated a Wealthmanagement.com round-table discussion on the slow adoption of social media strategies in the financial services industry.

Financial services is an industry that continues to struggle with adopting various digital marketing strategies that have worked well for consumer brands. Compliance and regulatory issues make it challenging to take full advantage of things like social media and video.

Jennifer Connelly provided her perspective and assured everyone that compliance shouldn’t be a reason to avoid having a social media presence. Being socially active simply means that you are engaging with your audience online in a thoughtful way.

The participants agreed that video is a medium they are eager to use, but are slow to adopt due to lack of in-house production capabilities and budget. Jennifer goes on to explain that priority should be placed on video creation because the majority of content you find online is video. It’s what consumers want to see.

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