“How to Choose the Right Influencers for Your Campaign”

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Iris.xyz published JConnelly’s blog on how brands can choose the right influencers for their campaigns.

You can partner with influencers in a number of different ways including guest blogging, teaming up on a research project, sharing early access to a new product and more.

Five places you can find influencers include:

  1. Social communities like Facebook and LinkedIn both have group features that focus on relevant topics. See who consistently contributes ideas and content.
  2. Your own network is a great place to start. Ask existing customers and clients who they follow and engage with.
  3. Media platforms within your industry can provide a wealth of content being created by influencers who are worth following.
  4. Industry events are great opportunities to find influencers that gather to learn more about new trends and products.

When researching influencers it’s important to look deeper than just the amount of social followers they have. Keep these three tips top of mind:

  1. Look for influencers who share similar brand values.
  2. Look beyond followers and consider other metrics.
  3. Look at the different types of influencers to discover which ones make sense for your brand and campaign.
    • Micro influencers have a smaller reach and their network generally has a higher level of trust and engagement.
    • Expert influencers are subject-matter experts in their industries and are typically viewed as credible sources.
    • Celebrity influencers usually boast more than 500,000 social followers and come with a price tag if you’re interested in a partnership.

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