New ebook: How To Create Powerful Videos for Your Next Campaign

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Download JConnelly's latest ebook to learn the ins and outs of creating an impactful video for your next campaign.

Download JConnelly’s latest ebook to learn the ins and outs of creating a powerful business video for your next campaign.

How to Create Powerful Videos For Your Next Digital Marketing Campaign

Video is must-have content for any business. By 2022, video will drive more than 82% of all web traffic.

It can seem daunting, especially due to the number of different formats available across all different budgets. For more formal videos, a professional production team is your best bet. But when it comes to social media, a quick and dirty iPhone video might do the trick.

Not sure where to start? Our ebook provides some tips to get you thinking on the right track.

Content includes:

  • Why video should be part of your campaign
  • Tips for creating a standout business video
  • The technical elements of video creation
  • Video distribution tips
  • Acting tips for executives
  • How to improve your storytelling skills