“How Women Leaders Win and Help Others to Do the Same”

A group of multi-ethnic business professionals pose for a group team portrait. They are each smiling while wearing suits and ties and formal business attire.

In her Entrepreneur.com column “How Women Leaders Win and Help Others to Do the Same,” Founder Jennifer Connelly shares her advice for women to succeed in the business world.

In the article, Jennifer reflects on the advice she would give to her younger self and other women just starting out in business. Tips include:

  • Specialize in something so you can own. Find an opportunity where you can make a difference.
  • Shape your own future and remember balance is key. You can have a successful career and a good family life.
  • Innovative thinking is a must. Always move forward and evolve for future success.
  • Women should continue to help each other out. We can be successful while building up and championing all the women around us.

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