Michelle Pittman Guest Blog: PR and Artificial Intelligence

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JConnelly’s Chief Strategy Officer Michelle Pittman authored an article that published on Business 2 Community that explains what the public relations industry gets wrong about artificial intelligence.

Read the full article here. 

Highlights include:

  • The PR industry has different forms of intelligent technology like the tools we use to target new audiences and monitor conversations to tracking media placements.
  • However, when PR professionals talk about AI, the conversation takes a turn towards job losses and goes deeper into information we already gather rather than focusing on how we can revolutionize our roles in building and promoting brands.
  • To continue evolving PR, we should correct these AI wrongs:
    • Most AI-branded solutions don’t have much, if any, AI under the hood.
    • We’re not using AI to predict or alter behaviors.
    • We’re not flagging fakes.