“Ryan Lochte’s Next Stop – A Reputation-Reclamation Tour?”

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JConnelly’s President comments on the future of Ryan Lochte’s reputation in this article that published on Commpro.biz.

Ryan made a string of bad choices that spiraled him down a bad path while hosting the Olympics. He filed a false police report that claimed he was robbed at gunpoint. It was actually a story to cover up his terrible behavior. As a result, he lost a few sponsorships. He attempted a crisis response, but that didn’t go over well either considering it was filled with inconsistencies and less than sincere apologies.

Ray believes that this is where the opportunity lies. Lochte was a convenient villain, not able to compete against Ryan Phelps, so he assumed the “bad boy” role. Why not embrace the image? Just look at the Kardashians and all the Real Housewives.

Click the link to read the full article and find out what kind of advice Ray has for Ryan Lochte.

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