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Our roots in the financial industry give us a deep understanding of what makes all kinds of companies successful—and what threats can lead them off course.

We work with diverse clients—including financial, disruptive technology, consumer, lifestyle, luxury, media, CEO and personal brands—across practice areas and disciplines, performing alchemy that turns a variety of communications efforts into business success.

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By 2018, 80 percent of all internet traffic will be video driven. Without video, you’re missing an enormous opportunity to engage with the majority of your audience.

JConnelly’s approach to video generates awareness and captures attention. Our video storytelling serves as the focal point for integrated campaigns, broadcasting our clients’ unique messages and business strategies while pulling viewers through a multi-channel journey.

With a world-class, award-winning production team at the helm, we take our clients' stories and bring them to life through visual communications. From multi-camera set-ups to animation, documentaries to commercials, our team is ready to put a visual strategy to work for you.

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JConnelly shows you how to create powerful videos


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Proactively identifying and addressing sensitive situations is how smart businesses win in an increasingly complex and competitive environment.

From product recalls to government investigations to succession issues, crisis situations can quickly spiral out of control and send a company’s stock price into a tailspin. Companies that take charge of crisis communications early are more likely to rebound or even emerge stronger.

JConnelly is uniquely positioned to help companies do just that. We offer integrated crisis management solutions to protect your business, reputation and bottom line.

Turn Crisis into Opportunity

Public Relations

Earned media is as important as ever. Half of all website traffic comes from earned media.

If you want people to find you, respect you and put their trust in you, you need a press presence and something interesting to say.

But a PR firm today must be about more than just media placements. JConnelly builds the connections—with media, influencers, potential partners, endorsers and clients—that grow business. We tell the stories—across earned, owned and paid channels—that persuade and engage your audiences.

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Valuable, relevant, consistent content—in all formats—delivered directly to your key audiences. It creates greater engagement, doubles or triples qualified leads and shortens your sales cycle.

Plus it’s all measurable.

JConnelly takes a data-driven approach to marketing, building increasingly impactful campaigns. There’s no guess work—we manage distribution, creating content, tracking engagement and buyer journeys. You manage the growth in new business.


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Social Media

The percentage of consumers following brands on social media has doubled in the past two years. Facebook alone now accounts as a major influence in half of all purchasing decisions.

Men and women, young and old, checking in for business or just to idly pass the time—JConnelly’s approach to social media marketing helps you connect with all of them and listen to their needs, concerns and wants.

With us, it’s not about garnering likes or retweets—it’s about building the community that will champion your brand online and off.

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