Tom Kostigen on The SRI Movement is Hot

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Thomas M. Kostigen, director of sustainability at JConnelly authored an article that published on detailing why socially responsible investing is popular and why there are no signs of it cooling off anytime soon.

Read the full article here.

Highlights from the article include:

  • A total of $12 trillion is invested in socially responsible ways
  • Sustainability reports are the norm with nearly every S&P 500 firm issuing one
  • More investors realize they can have a say in and align with a company’s mission; not just their profits
  • The SRI movement is rising and more companies should capitalize on the growing demand and be more vocal about their initiatives and beliefs
  • Both spectrums of the workforce want to be associated with social responsibility: a large number of retirement plan participants want ESG options in their 401K plans and millennials value sustainability over the size of their paychecks
  • Companies need to do a better job showcasing their CSR initiatives and vocalize their beliefs and values