“Walking the PR Tightrope in a Volatile Political Climate”

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Public relations and politics often go hand in hand. JConnelly’s Julie Goodman shares her top tips to consider before bringing politics into your messaging in an article that published on PRdaily.com.

Julie’s tips for walking the political comment tightrope include:

  • Stay on message. Does your commentary map back to your brand message and values?
  • Avoid conflict if it’s unnecessary. Pick and choose your battles. Why start something if you know it’s not going to have a favorable outcome? Making a political statement just for the sake of being provocative probably won’t end well.
  • Keep an eye on extremes. Be reasonable in your choice of words especially if it’s an unpopular opinion. The last thing you want to do is insult or alienate your existing and prospective clients by saying something that’s too aggressive.

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