America’s Best 401k: From Successful Startup to Established Brand

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America’s Best 401k: From Successful Startup to Established Brand

A startup needs to leverage its association with a high-profile partner while maintaining its distinct brand identity.

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  • Challenge

    As mentioned in Tony Robbins’ bestselling book, “Money: Master the Game,” America’s Best 401k needed to capitalize on the initial burst of publicity and set the stage for sustainable press coverage.

  • Solution

    Utilize Robbins’ incredible reach to inspire individual investors and empower them with a solution to saving for retirement. Tap CEO Tom Zgainer to target professional audiences, while raising his press profile.

  • Result

    From “CBS This Morning” to Dentistry Today, America’s Best 401k delivers a straightforward message that spurs business and investor audiences to action. Every media opportunity is matched with renewed interest, action and retirement plan conversions.

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    Tony Robbins on Building Personal Finance and 401k Fees

    Business strategist and partner to America’s Best 401k, Tony Robbins shares advice for saving money and discusses why 401k fees matter on CBS This Morning.

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    Quicker to the (K) Zone

    CEO Tom Zgainer describes to Workforce Management the services that America’s Best 401k offers, which show employers and workers how much they are paying for their 401k.

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    Personal Finance Expert, Tony Robbins

    In this summary on about Tony Robbins, America’s Best 401k is described as one the most disruptive solutions in the retirement planning space.

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    Tony Robbins on excessive and hidden fees in 401k plans!

    Learn from bestselling author Tony Robbins on how excessive and hidden fees in your 401k plan can erode up to 50% or more of your future retirement nest egg.