CORE: Touting the Intangible

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CORE: Touting the Intangible

Showcase the depth and caliber of this limited membership collective’s offering beyond a lush physical location and esteemed clientele.

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  • Challenge

    Distinguish CORE: from staid private social clubs, highlighting its unique ethos that attracts and retains the world’s most prominent innovators, visionaries, icons and business leaders to its membership.

  • Solution

    Develop storylines and a social media presence that provide a “peek through the keyhole” to the shared experience of the CORE: offering, from unique cultural programs to sophisticated food and drink. Create opportunities for founder Jennie Enterprise to speak directly to would-be members who will embrace CORE:’s non-conformity.

  • Result

    Through high-profile media placements, potential members view CORE: as a lifestyle and philosophy that extends far beyond the club’s four walls. Media placements and an active social channel draw greater attendance at a variety of CORE:-sponsored events and help grow the club’s selective membership.

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    How CORE: Disrupted New York’s Social Club Scene

    CORE: Club founder Jennie Enterprise talks to Entrepreneur about offering the world’s most prolific innovators exceptional service, culture and community that fuels their hyper-productive lifestyles.

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    Celebrating 10 Years of Culture, Cuisine and Community at CORE

    Gotham magazines showcases CORE:’s 10th anniversary gala in photos, featuring a few of the event’s 700 A-list attendees and featured guests, along with unique party favors and the evening’s entertainment.

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    CORE: Knows Business: 8 Essential Money Tips from Jennie Enterprise

    Business Insider features savvy advice from CORE: founder Jennie Enterprise on the habits and disciplines that differentiate the world’s most successful people.

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    Why CORE?

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